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All work on-chain.

Tokenized, verified, rewarded.
A permissionless protocol to facilitate the exchange of HUMAN work, knowledge, and contribution.
Built for multi-chain

HUMAN Routing Protocol

A new layer to coordinate and reward entities that support the network.


Complete data labeling jobs to earn HMT. Fill out the questionnaire to help HUMAN bring you jobs that match your interests, skills, and qualifications.
Specify and publish data-labeling jobs to supported job markets.
Build on HUMAN Protocol.
Acquire HMT through exchanges, and join the HUMAN community.
Work & Earn
Publish Jobs
SignUp to earn HMT through the Human APP.

Connect or create your wallet and start learning about jobs, tasks and our token.

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Used by millions

Applications built on HUMAN technology are already used by millions of people to label data and prevent bot abuse, enabling next generation AI and ML technologies. The HUMAN open-source community is now working to support many other apps and use cases.


Here, you can see where we’ve been, and where we’re headed.

Industry leaders on HUMAN

“ Personally, I'm excited to collaborate with HUMAN Protocol because it is a way to connect Intel technologies with human intelligence at scale to solve hard computer vision problems. ”
Nikita Manovich
Deep Learning Manager and Architect of Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT)
Intel CVAT logo
“ HUMAN Protocol has already made a giant dent in democratizing access to global talent for training machine vision models. They're rapidly executing on de-fragmenting the rest of the machine learning annotation market, which is gigantic. ”
Raj Gokal
Chief Operating Officer, Solana
Solana logo
“ We are excited to support HUMAN by providing them with access to secure and reliable oracle infrastructure and price Feeds to bring about a more robust set of decentralized labor markets. ”
Daniel Kochisz
Head of Business Development, Chainlink
Chainlink logo

A new era of human potential in which machines empower human creativity

Supports global job markets at scale
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Operates across multiple chains
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Empowers distributed workforces
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Enables a new generation of AI and ML
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Automatic and secure
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Better human-machine collaboration

HUMAN is focused on improving human collaboration by first improving machine understanding. Through the job markets the Protocol supports, machines can help humans achieve greater potential. This includes the ability to request work from other machines; repetitive tasks can be taken care of, and human workers can focus on more interesting, creative, or specialized tasks.


Experience the first HUMAN gateway. Earn HMT by signing up, solving tasks, and referring friends. Anyone in a verified country can earn HMT by using the HUMAN App to complete jobs. This is the beginning of HUMAN work: trustless, global labor markets, bringing workers closer to the rewards of their work, and empowering scientists to make machines that can serve HUMANity.

Improving the ML industry

Any project can access vast workpools to complete data-labeling tasks through HUMAN Protocol. This is an open-source offering, with no barriers to entry. Reducing time, costs, and increasing label quality can drastically improve the ML industry.Currently, the Protocol supports image annotation through hCaptcha, with work to integrate CVAT ongoing. Because the Protocol is uniquely flexible, it can support any vertical, such as video, audio, and text.


HUMAN Protocol is an open-source infrastructure. Plug into popular open source applications like Intel CVAT, or integrate the APIs and tools your workforce is most comfortable with. The Protocol makes it easy to do both.
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