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Announcement: first grant awarded to VeritaTrust

Crypto & Blockchain
HUMAN Protocol
May 10, 2022

Announcement: first grant awarded to VeritaTrust

2 min read

We are delighted to announce the awarding of our very first grant. VeritaTrust, founded by Brahim Ben Helal, is designed to put customer reviews on-chain to help e-commerce solutions build a user generated content strategy. This reward for reviews is a reward for user contribution; and it is a clear demonstration of HUMAN’s technological application, and vision, of tokenizing and rewarding contribution.

About the grant

The grant will help the VeritaTrust team integrate HUMAN Protocol’s oracle system for verification of work, along with on-chain settlement. As we described in this article outlining who the grants program is for, HUMAN’s technology creates new business opportunities. Of course, it facilitates and reengineers existing work solutions, such as data-labeling, but facilitates new job markets and new businesses that were previously impossible. Traditional systems could never effectively track, verify, and reward this kind of review-based contribution.

The mechanics

VeritaTrust will request a customer to review a product or a merchant after they have purchased; once the review is submitted, the data will be automatically checked by a HUMAN Protocol Reputation Oracle, which will accordingly attribute a reputation score to the reviewer. The Reputation Oracle will then initiate the payout of HMT to the reviewer. All this information will be verified and verifiable on-chain.

Given that 90% of customers check reviews before purchasing products or services online, trusting those reviews is essential. It is also clear that not all reviews are equal; a review made by a trusted, reputable reviewer is more valuable than a review which is not verified on the blockchain.

About VeritaTrust

VeritaTrust offers businesses a plug&play SaaS solution to build a complete customer review strategy. The project was founded by Brahim Ben Helal, who was Director of Strategic Development at Trustpilot. From the early start up stage, until the IPO, he helped the company grow; and saw the potential for blockchain to completely revolutionize the customer feedback and review process.

VeritaTrust was his vision to create fully transparent decentralized customer feedback and review service. On VeritaTrust, customers own their reviews; and are rewarded for them with tokens.

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