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CoinList sale completes with record number of participants

HUMAN Protocol
Jun 18, 2021

CoinList sale completes with record number of participants

2 min read

Background: The CoinList sale ran on June 17th and was available exclusively to residents outside of the US, Canada, China, and other excluded jurisdictions. The sale on coinlist.co was the only way to purchase HMT, and is now closed. There is no other way to buy HMT currently available.

This week, the HUMAN community grew to include many new members via a token sale on CoinList, which set new records for the number of participants.

Welcome aboard to those just joining us, and we appreciate your support! This journey started in 2017 with the original HUMAN whitepaper, and despite all the work to date, we believe the HUMAN story is in many ways just beginning.

If you are new to HUMAN, please take a look at some of the recent blog posts, follow us on social media, and subscribe for updates: this is the best way to learn about all of the exciting work going on in the HUMAN community and find out how to get involved.

Thank you for your support of HUMAN, and we look forward to having you in the community!

More details: CoinList post-sale blog post.

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