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Community forum live on Commonwealth

HUMAN Protocol
Feb 22, 2023

Community forum live on Commonwealth

2 min read

The HUMAN Protocol Community Forum is live on Commonwealth.im. Through the Commonwealth platform, communities can receive updates on all the most important information on a project, and participate in proposals and votes.

Commonwealth - take part!

Commonwealth is the only platform you need to stay in touch with all things HUMAN Protocol-related. We want to expedite the decentralization of the network, and make community contribution as simple and effective as possible. Commonwealth enables that!

On Commonwealth, you can sign up to important announcements, discussions, and votes. It provides in-app updates, along with email and mobile pushes, to keep you in touch with important updates. Communication and up-to-date information is a cornerstone of decentralization. Commonwealth keeps the community at the beating heart of the network.

The platform has many sophisticated and useful features. It generates real-time addresses for on-chain activity to make sure you never miss an important development on HUMAN Protocol. As a platform specifically for on-chain communities, it can read HMT holdings to fenable weighted-voting.

First vote: complete

We wasted no time from launching the forum to holding the first community proposal. Don’t forget, there has already been a Discord-based vote on the Routing Protocol (now Coordination Layer), and the listing of HMT on LBank.

The first Commonwealth proposal was an off-chain poll on whether or not to provide a grant to a maintainer of the Graph. HUMAN Protocol must regularly query the Graph for information on liquidity and proof of balance. Therefore, the proposal was made to set up and maintain a node on the Graph. The grant was to cover the cost of this work, approximately $150-300 per month for the machine to run a subgraph, maintenance at about $200 per month. The total comes to about $500 a month, and around $500 for initial setup.

The grant means that, once the maintainer is in place, HUMAN Protocol can begin to launch jobs on SKALE network.

For the latest updates on HUMAN Protocol, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord. Alternatively, to enquire about integrations, usage, or to learn more about how HUMAN Protocol supports machine-learning technologies, get in contact with the HUMAN team.

Legal Disclaimer

The HUMAN Protocol Foundation makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or reasonableness of the information contained here. Any assumptions, opinions, and estimations expressed constitute the HUMAN Protocol Foundation’s judgment as of the time of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Any projection contained within the information presented here is based on a number of assumptions, and there can be no guarantee that any projected outcomes will be achieved.

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