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Grant awarded to What’s Cookin’

HUMAN Protocol
Jan 31, 2023

Grant awarded to What’s Cookin’

2 min read

What’s Cookin’ is fostering digital collaboration by building remote communities across the globe. Through the grant, they will enable users of HUMAN Protocol to access Worker credentials from external sources. Importantly, this integration will allow HUMAN Protocol to route jobs requiring a specific skill set to the relevant Worker, and also facilitate a potential prediction of Worker performance.

About the grant

What’s Cookin’ will use the grant to provide an API endpoint that can import existing Worker credentials from various sources. For example, GitHub credentials can provide valuable information on the skillset of a given Worker. What’s Cookin’ will also validate the authenticity of these credentials. The API could be integrated into many systems that are used for evaluating individual job performance.

The integration creates a new opportunity for qualify and understanding Workers on a decentralized network. While many centralized solutions for work might offer some proof of worker credentials, these systems do not generally offer a customisable credential-querying solution. This integration sets the groundwork to import and verify new sources of credentials to fit ever-varying job types.

As part of the grant, What’s Cookin’ will also sign and write to a decentralized storage solution where the work credentials, qualifications, and certificates can reside as an NFT for the Worker.

Building the future of work

A reliable and accurate system for evaluating and qualifying Worker skill sets is essential to creating efficient job markets.

At the moment, many of the data-labeling jobs on HUMAN Protocol are generic and can be completed by many Workers. Some jobs, however, require highly-specified skill sets. For example, Audino-related tasks will require Workers that are proficient in certain Indian languages and dialects. Without that critical information, the job market would cease to exist.

More accurate information on the qualifications of Workers inevitably increases the kinds of work that can be completed through the Protocol. Bringing skilled Workers to the network is one thing; having an effective means of verifying and querying their skills is another. That data is what this grant seeks to provide.

For the latest updates on HUMAN Protocol, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord. Alternatively, to enquire about integrations, usage, or to learn more about how HUMAN Protocol supports machine-learning technologies, get in contact with the HUMAN team.

Legal Disclaimer

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