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HUMAN 2021: end-of-year update

HUMAN Protocol
Dec 23, 2021

HUMAN 2021: end-of-year update

2 min read

For HUMAN, 2021 has been a year of discovery and growth; of bringing an exciting concept to life incrementally, and laying the foundations for greater things to come.

HUMAN Protocol began in earnest in October of 2020. Beneath it lay an idea – which we discuss in detail in this piece – to bring the technology behind our partner application, hCaptcha, to decentralized networks. It kickstarted the belief that if we can tokenize one type of task, such as the labeling of images, the Protocol can be developed to support almost any task type, and accommodate the broader exchange and verification of human contribution, knowledge, and value.

We’re a little over a year old, and yet the project, and our community, have accomplished so much. The CoinList sale of the HUMAN token (HMT), in June of this year, saw record-breaking participation and was a testament to the space’s anticipation for the project. It introduced tens of thousands of new HUMANs to the community, and has allowed the project to maneuver for long-term success. Building on this, we’ve released the HUMAN App, Proof of HUMANity, and IMOO. And we’ve deployed on the Ethereum and Polkadot mainnets, with work in progress to support other major chains.

From the first seed

Much of the anticipation for HUMAN Protocol owes to its use cases. A broadly applicable technology, it provides the framework – alongside a suite of ready-made solutions – for projects to access decentralized worker pools through the use of open-source integrations, and for contributors to have their contributions automatically recorded, verified, and rewarded.

hCaptcha, a partner application that runs on top of HUMAN Protocol, is used by millions every year; in the coming years, more of that work will be brought onto the Protocol, opening up new and exciting possibilities for ML practitioners to access detailed data in a democratic way (read more). 


The HUMAN App was created as a proof of concept, demonstrating how work published to the Protocol can be accessed, completed, and rewarded. It allows contributors to complete data-labeling tasks and be paid in HMT and other tokens; in the near future, it will allow users to monitor their reputation, set job preferences, and detail their qualifications and background. 

Proof of HUMANity

We’ve also seen great interest in Proof of HUMANity: the first bot-protection solution for decentralized applications and services. This uses the same principles as traditional CAPTCHA systems, but operates entirely on-chain to become a decentralized solution to decentralized applications and services, from dApps, to DEXs, governance protocols, and NFT bidding. Earlier this year, PoH was successfully integrated with Metamask. We are confident that this can grow to become the primary tool for protecting decentralized ecosystems from malicious bot behavior. Learn more on the PoH webpage


And then there’s IMOO: our Information Market On-Chain Oracle. This allows blockchains to expand their prediction market capabilities, and attract prediction markets to their networks. This is also the first in our efforts to expand the capabilities of the questions being asked, and the type of tasks (and contributions) that are possible. Learn more on the IMOO webpage


Since the CoinList sale, we have invested considerably in the growth of our ecosystem. Principally, HUMAN is a community-led project. All HUMAN technology is open source, and open collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. 

Grants program

In October, we announced the grants program, with an allotment of $10 million to fund successful applicants. To date, we’ve received 162 applications. In the HUMAN blog, we’ve discussed the best-fit use cases for the grants program: ML startup, new and existing businesses, and, soon, those looking to develop global Q&A capabilities. 

Ambassador program

Launched in October to organize and reward a global team of passionate HUMANs. So far, we have onboarded 44+ core ambassadors, and over 350 emissaries. For more on the specifics of these roles, or to apply, head over to the ambassador webpage.

DevBounty program

The DevBounty program is our dedication to ensuring our open-source software receives the greatest contributions. It will promote and reward the continual building, and improvement, of all parts of the Protocol. Learn more

To date, 14 bounties have been completed by the HUMAN community. 

BugBounty program

Rewarding the community for helping us fix any problems with the project. To bring the world’s work on-chain, we need a system that assures trust, by removing the requirement for it. Learn more

To date, 54 bugs have been fixed by the HUMAN community. 

How you can help HUMAN Protocol

We welcome your support. 

We’re looking for passionate HUMANs. Eager. Committed. Experienced. See our careers page for the latest openings. If you know anybody suitable, please get in touch. 


We are always interested in knowing what our friends in the wider HUMAN ecosystem think: what we are doing well, what we could do better, and how. Please submit your feedback.

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