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HUMAN App update: new tasks added

HUMAN Protocol
Mar 29, 2022

HUMAN App update: new tasks added

2 min read

A lot has happened since we launched the HUMAN App in November. The HUMAN App was our proof of concept: a way to illustrate the capabilities of the Protocol, and demonstrate how work could be accessed through it. 

HUMAN Protocol supports permissionless job markets at scale; these markets require an entry point, a gateway, where workers, located anywhere and from any background, can solve tasks suitable to them. This is what we originally envisioned for the HUMAN App. Now, we’re thrilled to add a new batch of tasks, sourced from hCaptcha, a HUMAN-partner application. 

How to complete tasks 

A new tab for “Data Labeling Tasks” has now been added to the task panel. Selecting this, users will be able to receive HMT for successfully completing data-labeling tasks. Users will also be able to see their task statistics: Served Tasks, Completed Tasks, Earned HMT, Available HMT. 

More tasks – and task types – to come 

This is only the first of such integrations. The App is capable of supporting tasks of different types. This includes tasks from Intel CVAT and INCEpTION, which we’ll be adding in the near future. 

Our broader vision is for the HUMAN App to become a metaverse of work. Each worker will have a selection of applications they can complete work from, with all their contributions transparently and securely recorded on-chain. Key to this is choice: workers from different backgrounds, with different expertise and skillsets, will be able to customize their preferences and complete tasks suitable to them. 

Tasks that require a specific background may reward a greater amount of HMT, according to the value set by the job requester. 

Story so far 

Adding this first round of data-labeling tasks is the next step for the HUMAN App. To date, we’ve had over 800,000 registrations. These workers – becoming the largest on-chain worker pool – can now complete data-labeling tasks at a time that is convenient to them, from any location, and receive rewards in HMT. 

A significant part of the HUMAN App’s development over the past few months has been the implementation of secure and scalable mechanisms for identity verification and withdrawals. Withdrawals are now processed on the Polygon network, and we aim to continue to streamline and simplify this, ensuring that the process for claiming rewards does not become a deterrent to contribution. 

To sign up to complete data-labeling tasks and earn HMT, visit the HUMAN App today. 

For the latest updates on HUMAN Protocol, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord. Alternatively, to enquire about integrations, usage, or to learn more about HUMAN Protocol, get in contact with the HUMAN team.

Legal Disclaimer

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