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HUMAN community newsletter #5

HUMAN Protocol
Dec 10, 2021

HUMAN community newsletter #5

2 min read


The highlight of the past two weeks has been the work of our ecosystem team, with the launch of the DevBounty program. As part of our open-source vision, the DevBounty program is a practical way for us to offer Gitcoin to those looking to improve and build out HUMAN technology. 

Other highlights include the onboarding of over 130+ ambassadors and emissaries, which started with a successful AMA on the community Discord channel. 

Content and conversations

To launch the DevBounty program, we have put up a new webpage and blog post to help developers looking to build and improve HUMAN Protocol. 

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Ecosystem: programs and progress

Ambassador program

The ambassador program has already proven a great opportunity for collaboration, and testifies to the strength of belief from the HUMAN community. We have already invited 30+ core ambassadors and 100+ emissaries to join the program, and we look forward to the onboarding of top contributors from across the ecosystem. 

The program launch was kicked off by an AMA with our Head of Ecosystem, Andreas Schemm, on Discord. We are excited to spread the word about HUMAN across new countries and languages and cannot wait to see what our ambassadors are able to create in the upcoming weeks.

The next step is onboarding the ambassadors, and offering them the guidance they need to excel in their roles. 

DevBounty program 

Since our last newsletter, we have launched the HUMAN DevBounty program. The DevBounty program is an open-source opportunity for developers to contribute to the building – and continual improvement – of HUMAN Protocol. We’ll be releasing tasks on a regular basis, so it is worthwhile to check our Gitcoin regularly. For more information, please visit our website, or read the announcement on our blog. 

Grants program

To learn more about who can benefit from the HUMAN grants program, read our recent piece on best-fit use cases. 


HUMAN Protocol is a global project that unites global participants. As such, we don’t want to limit the conversation to just one language, but to reach out to new communities. Contributing to these efforts, we hosted two Telegram AMAs this week. One with the Spanish community, and one with the Russian. 

We’re also excited to launch on Mixin, which is particularly popular with our Chinese community. To celebrate the launch, we’ve organized a Twitter campaign. 

For more content, make sure to stay tuned to our Telegram and YouTube channels!


The team is continuing their work on the HUMAN App. We are working to introduce a uniqueness test to help protect against fraud. 


If you wish to enquire about integrations, usage, or to learn more about HUMAN Protocol, get in contact with the HUMAN team.

To stay up to date with the latest from HUMAN, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord

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