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Newconomics 2023 - Meet our Speakers: Luis Freitas

HUMAN Protocol
Oct 31, 2023

Newconomics 2023 - Meet our Speakers: Luis Freitas

2 min read

Don’t forget to book your ticket for Newconomics next month. By snagging your place you are making sure that you will see some of the brightest speakers and panel guests working in the web3 space. There’s also a chance to meet the innovators taking part in the startup contest and of course plenty of time to network. One of our special guests is Luis Freitas, Head of Innovation at Mintbase. Luis kindly took a moment to share his thoughts about web3 and the future. 

Challenges and Opportunities: Adopting Web3 Technologies

“Web3 represents a new era of the internet where power is redistributed from centralised entities to individuals. This decentralised approach not only democratises access and control but also fosters innovation, enabling a broader spectrum of people to shape the digital future. There are several innovations that are already helping us do this, including permissionless interoperability and composability of cross-domain applications. Seeing the pace at which changes are taking place makes me optimistic for the future of this technology and the community that surrounds it. 

It’s not an entirely easy path, of course. There are those who are curious but not really into the technology yet. I feel that the hurdles in adopting Web3 products stem from the necessity of owning cryptocurrency and using wallets. The complexity of managing seed phrases and other technical aspects can be quite daunting for many. 

Once things really get rolling, I can see that there will be many issues relating to work and employment that can be solved or improved using web3 tech. These include the end of things like rigid hierarchies in decision-making, inflexible work arrangements, unequal pay and lack of promotion transparency. Workers should also have a voice that can easily be enabled and they can work across geographies in close collaboration. Who wouldn’t want to see work improve in those ways? 

The future of work excites me with its promise of decentralised decision-making via DAOs. Increased work flexibility allowing for global collaboration, transparent pay structures, a stronger worker voice in organisational direction, and the breakdown of geographical barriers to foster diverse and inclusive teams.

NEAR Protocol is a decentralised network that I’ve been participating in for 3 years. I really like it because submitting transactions is inexpensive and fast. It has a unique user and developer experience when compared to others in the web3 space.“

Find out more about the new economics of Web3 and how it can change the way we work together at the Newconomics event in Lisbon. Full details and registration can be found on the website.

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