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Newconomics 2023 - Meet our Speakers: Philipp Weiling

HUMAN Protocol
Nov 2, 2023

Newconomics 2023 - Meet our Speakers: Philipp Weiling

2 min read

Grab your ticket now for Newconomics to avoid disappointment. We have a growing roster of amazing speakers who are well versed in business, web3 and future economics around the blockchain. One such speaker is Philipp Weiling, Director of Business Development at Polygon Labs, which develops scaling solutions for Ethereum. He shared his insight into bringing big brands into the web3 space in valuable and creative ways. 

Web3 and Corporate World: Crafting a Common Language

“It’s interesting to use blockchain technology, but it needs to be shown to people in words that everyone can understand. When it comes to working with these established brands, it’s not that they are afraid to innovate, but they are looking to connect with the web3 world in terms they can understand. Polygon has a great reputation for this because we have teams for more traditional partners and teams that work with native web3 businesses. 

In the traditional space we have a team of experts with experience in various industries from big consultancies, audit houses and the consumer space, and they know how to speak the language of these industries, and they know what a sales cycle looks like, what brand equity is like and how to handle compliance. This makes it so much easier to work with senior stakeholders without having to use technical language. 

If you use the technical language without explanation, you’re not going to reach mass adoption because people from outside the web3 world won’t connect and engage with the possibilities. 

Too few people have made an effort to abstract away the complexity of web3 and make it more inviting to other industries. It’s also helpful when big companies have a web3 team that we can connect with too. For us though, we take a step back, look at the macro picture, explain the benefits so that decision makers can understand and be empowered to make their choices. 

There are familiar services outside of web3 that could really benefit from blockchain inclusion. People try to make the point that this could all run on legacy tech  but things like loyalty schemes can offer so much more but only if they use these new technologies. There are companies with internal web3 experts who have already built their infrastructure to adopt new tools and then go exponential but it has to be a clear and step by step process.” 

Find out more about the new economics of Web3 and how it can change the way we work together at the Newconomics event in Lisbon. Full details and registration can be found on the website.

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