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Newconomics 2023 - Meet our Speakers: Ross Murray-Jones

HUMAN Protocol
Oct 27, 2023

Newconomics 2023 - Meet our Speakers: Ross Murray-Jones

2 min read

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to book your spot at Newconomics in November. The event is getting closer and we don’t want you to miss out. We have a range of speakers, all experts in the web3 space, who’ll be sharing their strategies for innovation and practical business tools. One such expert is Ross Murray-Jones, CEO of Rand. Ahead of the event, Ross shared his views on the current state of web3.

Bridging the Socioeconomic Divide with Web3: Insights from Ross Murray-Jones

"It’s well known that, historically, talent has been evenly distributed, but opportunity has not. Moving forward, I believe there’s a lot to be optimistic about, given tech advancements are bridging the gap between different socioeconomic backgrounds, alongside remote work opportunities and advancements in e-learning and blockchain, which empower individuals from disadvantaged communities to acquire the skills needed for better prospects internationally.

I believe Web3 facilitates the inevitable transformation of the internet's economics. It enables trade globally whilst removing our over-reliance on centralised structures and platforms. This shift has already created new economic opportunities. It’s a more democratised and reliable system where artists, writers, musicians, and brands can directly interact with their audience, establish ownership rights, and receive fair compensation for their work globally.

Blockchain complexity still creates significant barriers to entry, preventing 96% of the non-crypto-native internet population from participating. For now, the technology is still relatively overwhelming and challenging to navigate. To truly thrive, Web3 needs easier-to-use and efficient tools that make the onboarding process more seamless and smooth. At Rand, our accessible tooling enables new entrants and businesses to participate more freely in the digital asset economy as a catalyst for growth."

Find out more about the new economics of Web3 and how it can change the way we work together at the Newconomics event in Lisbon. Full details and registration can be found on the website.

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