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The Bright Side of AI #1: Alibaba's AI Paints a New Picture, AI Illuminates Visionary Breakthroughs, and Cancer Gets a Tech Rival

Gaétan Lajeune
Jul 13, 2023

The Bright Side of AI #1: Alibaba's AI Paints a New Picture, AI Illuminates Visionary Breakthroughs, and Cancer Gets a Tech Rival

2 min read

AI is a major invention that is propelling humankind towards new horizons, while also bringing considerable benefits. In "The Bright Side of AI", HUMAN Protocol presents a recap of the most significant, exciting and beneficial advances in AI from the past week.

Alibaba Breathes Life into Your Texts

Even the most imaginative among us can struggle to materialize our artistic visions. That's where Alibaba steps in. At the recent Global AI Conference in Shanghai, Alibaba Cloud introduced Tongyi Wanxiang, a next-generation AI model that turns your textual ideas into visual masterpieces. Named after the Mandarin phrase for "tens of thousands of images", Tongyi Wanxiang expands Alibaba's portfolio of AI applications, enabling the creation of anything from watercolors and oil paintings to animations and 3D cartoons.

What distinguishes Tongyi Wanxiang from global counterparts like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion is its bilingual capabilities. Understanding both Mandarin and English, it's an ideal fit for businesses operating in our globe's second-largest economy.

This tool is a testament to Alibaba Cloud's dedication to harnessing generative AI for productivity enhancement. And it's not their first rodeo. Since its April debut, their pioneer generative AI model, Tongyi Qianwen, has accumulated over 300,000 beta test requests. To give you a taste of what Tongyi Wanxiang can accomplish, here's a sample of its artwork:

Created by Tongyi Wanxiang. The instructions were: beautiful nature superimposed into an infinite loop sign with bright colors.

 AI's Impact on Ophthalmology 

Could AI be the key to restoring sight for millions? That's the question driving the newly established Center for Ophthalmic Artificial Intelligence and Human Health in New York.

The Center is pioneering advanced treatment options for a range of eye conditions by leveraging AI to analyze patient data, facilitating personalized diagnosis and treatment plans. Considering over 2.2 billion individuals worldwide grapple with vision problems, the impact of this breakthrough could be monumental.

New Study Leverages AI to Tackle Aggressive Prostate Cancer

In related healthcare news, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has embarked on a study to develop AI systems capable of predicting aggressive forms of prostate cancer, a disease that claims over 300,000 lives annually across the globe.

Utilizing machine learning to sift through patient data, this AI system aims to detect aggressive cancers early on, enabling timely treatment and enhancing survival rates.

While AI can often be our ally, delivering concepts and solutions that enhance life for many, it's not devoid of flaws. Like us humans, it too has a dark side—a side we invite you to explore in our other segment, The Dark Side of AI. To stay up to date don't forget to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord

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