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The Dark Side of AI #8: The Illusion of Open-Source and The Rise of AI Clickbait Scams

Gaétan Lajeune
Sep 15, 2023

The Dark Side of AI #8: The Illusion of Open-Source and The Rise of AI Clickbait Scams

2 min read

Is Open-Source Really That Open in the World of AI? Does AI Pave the Way for Rampant Cybercrime and Online Threats? Let's Dive into Dark Side of AI #8.

The Open-Source Paradox: Limited Use and Modifications in AI Models

We've frequently discussed companies like Facebook announcing their transition to open-source AI models. While the initiative is commendable, the reality seems to be quite different.

According to a study conducted by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, the AI Now Institute, and the Signal Foundation, models like Llama 2 (Facebook) are not genuinely "open." Meta's license, for instance, prohibits the use of Llama 2 for training other language models. Even worse, if a developer deploys the model in an application or service with over 700 million daily users, they must obtain a special license!

As if that weren't enough, Big Tech companies like GAFAM exert a high level of control over their models, limiting their use and potential modifications. How do they achieve this? By keeping the training data confidential and their frameworks proprietary.

The Ultimate Hypocrisy: Training a model requires a significant amount of money, something many developers can't afford.

Clickbait Danger: The Rise of Fake AI Ads Spreading Malware

If you're the type to click on every AI-related ad and content on social media, be extra cautious. It appears that cybercriminals are using social media ads to pose as a 'Google Bard' update.

Of course, the provided link doesn't lead to Google's site but to a counterfeit, exposing users to data theft—a threat that becomes even more severe for cryptocurrency holders.

Always remain vigilant about what you see or read on the internet. While AI continues to achieve wonders, it shouldn't make us abandon critical thinking. Feel free to question or seek clarification on our articles by responding to us on Twitter or Discord.

Legal Disclaimer

The HUMAN Protocol Foundation makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or reasonableness of the information contained here. Any assumptions, opinions, and estimations expressed constitute the HUMAN Protocol Foundation’s judgment as of the time of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Any projection contained within the information presented here is based on a number of assumptions, and there can be no guarantee that any projected outcomes will be achieved.

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