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Build the future of labor
Building the future of decentralized labor

Building on HUMAN Protocol

Are you a blockchain or app developer? All the info you need to start using or building on HUMAN Protocol is here.

For an overview of launching jobs, please see the integration documents, job specification format, and API docs.

If you want to create a new Layer 1 integration for existing APIs, please visit the API docs.

If you've built something you'd like to see here, or to become a Validator, please contact us.
Ethereum or Skale developer? Visit the HUMAN Ethereum implementation.

Polkadot developers: please see the HUMAN Polkadot implementation, maintained by Parity.

Solana developers: please see the HUMAN Solana implementation maintained by Everstake. 

Architecture Overview

This diagram illustrates how different components and entities within the network interact. For more detail, please see the technical whitepaper or litepaper.

HUMAN Ecosystem

Core Protocol

Integration Docs
Start here if you're building a new HUMAN Exchange, or anything else that plugs into the Meta-API.
Job manifest specification
A technical JSON specification of how jobs are uploaded to HUMAN Protocol and how they should be created. 
Documentation for HUMAN Protocol’s API. This is the home of our Swagger Specification, which defines how our RESTful interface works with the Protocol’s smart bounties.
HUMAN Validators
Documentation that describes the Validator network’s role in the control of staking and content moderation. (Publication in progress: please contact us for full documentation.)
Oracle References
A reference for oracles, and their different uses, within HUMAN Protocol.

HUMAN Exchanges

This diagram provides an overview of HUMAN Protocol’s architecture, and shows how different components and entities interact with one another. To learn more, read our technical whitepaper and litepaper.
INCEpTION is the second Exchange to incorporate HUMAN Protocol. INCEpTION is a textual annotation tool used to label data within text – for sentiment analysis and translations – and improves data labeling for ML practitioners.
Build Your Own Exchange
Adding a new Exchange is straightforward. HUMAN allows you to connect the tools of your choice to a global pool and publish new job types into the network, including those unique to your own exchange. Read through the technical whitepaper to understand how Exchanges interact on the network, check out existing implementations, and join the Discord if you have any tech questions. Want support, or looking to build a deeper partnership? Reach out to us for more information.

External Networks

HUMAN Escrow Contracts & Python SDK: Supports Ethereum, Skale, & Moonbeam
A Python library for launching smart bounties. Features support for Ethereum, Skale, & Moonbeam.
HUMAN API Ethereum Implementation
A RESTful API for interacting with smart contracts written in Solidity
HUMAN Escrow Contracts: Parity
An SDK for interacting with smart contracts written in Parity.
HUMAN API Parity Implementation
Implementation for Parity (Polkadot). Contains a RESTful interface implemented through our Swagger Specification.
HUMAN API Solana Implementation
Resources for the HUMAN-Solana implementation. Contains the API, smart contracts, and RESTful interface implemented through our Swagger Specification.

Wallet Implementations

Bringing HUMAN verification to wallets is useful for many applications. This repo contains Proof of HUMANity wallet implementations, including the HUMAN-Metamask implementation.