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Global Queries.

Ask millions of people a question. Get million of responses back.
The rest is up to you.

Discover and validate new business cases.

Huge sources of new data

You get to specify your search, and determine the questions that will help your business grow. Fresh sources of data allow you to enhance current business models, and build new ones.

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Transparency on-chain

Every response processed through Global Queries is written onto a blockchain. Not only does this provide unprecedented traceability and transparency for data, it offers a new standard in data ownership, at the lower costs offered by blockchains.

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HUMAN Global Queries currently has three powerful functionalities.


Get quantitative data on-chain by asking humans to check and return a value from a given website. Potentiates a new wave of products, such as live inflation tracking.

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What is the price of an egg at Amazon Fresh today?

Multiple choice

Determine opinions by giving the respondent a selection of answers to choose from. This can be used to help information markets expedite payment on event outcomes, and thereby prevent arbitrage.

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A/B testing

Allowing you to test human responses to two options, A/B testing gives you the data you need to validate products, ideas, and strategy.

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Global Queries is open-source and ready to help you grow your business.

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Built using HUMAN Global Queries, Ask Athena provides a simple and powerful interface for researchers to start querying the world.

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