NFT Campaign

Show us your design skills and earn $HMT
1st Place
1,000 USD*
2nd Place
500 USD*
3rd Place
250 USD*
*USD worth in $HMT
1. Join
Every participant will receive one HMT for their contribution. To take part, fill out the form below.
Now, you can design your NFT and submit it via Twitter by adding the hashtag #nft4hmt. (Following steps 2 and 3).

You'll need to verify your identity through the HUMAN App - and, once done, we'll send the HMT to your account's registered Polygon address.
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By joining, you accept these terms and conditions
2. Design your NFT
Create interesting, original NFT designs to showcase HUMAN in one of the following categories:
HUMAN Protocol
Proof of HUMANity
You can participate with an image,  video, or even a 3D model. Recommended size is less than 50MB. (JPG, GIF, PNG, MP4, SVT, MP3, WebM, WAV, GLTF, GLB, and OGG).
3. Submit your design
Reply with a tweet using the hashtag #nft4hmt and tag us in your post: @human_protocol

Repeat this process for multiple submissions.
Winners will be announced on May 9th
The minting of the NFT artwork, once the competition is closed, will be undertaken by HUMAN Protocol via Opensea.

The rules

Only original artworks will be considered
You may submit more than one artwork
Submissions will be accepted until May 1st
Minted NFTs will feature on the HUMAN social channels and/or website

NFT Submissions Gallery