Providing equal access to free education, career opportunities, and amazing rewards for dedicated members of the HUMAN Protocol community.

The journey is
the destination.

Education doesn’t end. It’s a lifelong process.

HUMAN Ops is designed to support and encourage that journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Web3, technology, or AI; it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert. There’s space for everyone.

If you’re dedicated to education, and a passionate member of the HUMAN Protocol community, then HUMAN Ops is for you.

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To get started, sign up on Zealy.

Below is a breakdown of the tasks and rewards unlocked at the three stages of HUMAN Ops.

Rookie (Trailblazer -> Pioneer -> Expert)
Follow HUMAN Protocol on a range of different channels
Join Zealy
Engage with content
Refer more people
Create content
Nano Ledger wallet
NFT badge for this level
Each level of the entire Ops program will have its own
Follow HUMAN Protocol on a range of different channels
Join Zealy
Quiz people about the Apprentices of HUMAN Ops v(see below), AI, and other crypto-related topics
Partake in discussions with HUMAN Protocol contributors, so that they can understand community input on rewards and the program
Partake in AMAs with HUMAN Protocol's core contributors, and with Apprentices
Other ad-hoc tasks
Access to exclusive groups with the core contributors to HUMAN Protocol
Appear on the HUMAN Protocol website and social channels. This will occur for Pioneers and above.
NFT badge for this level
Appear on HUMAN Protocol website and social channels
Vote on – and contribute your input to – certain topics
Vote on Apprentices
Priority access to become an Apprentice
Your final Zealy ranking will determine this
Appear on HUMAN Protocol website and social channels
NFT badge

Excellent Rookies will gain automatic qualification to the Apprentice level.

The Apprentice is an open opportunity – free of charge – to support and nurture the growth of the next generation of industry professionals. Through it, anyone can accelerate their career in the industry.


Job placements after completion of the program

Receive mentorship from experienced professionals

Attend workshops and seminars

Access resources, such as online courses, books, and software tools

Networking events and career fairs (expenses paid for by us)

Participate in hands-on projects to gain practical experience

Learn new skills – communication, teamwork, and other professional qualities

Apprentices will receive badges for completing seminars and other educational requirements on certain topics. With enough badges, high-achieving Apprentices can eventually become Mentors.


While the first batch of Mentors will be selected by the Foundation to get the process moving, the community of Rookies and Apprentices will get to vote and propose their preferred Mentors in time.

To become a Mentor, you have to receive enough badges in a given topic to qualify.

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Fulfil your potential.

Live @ CREW3

HUMAN Protocol is now available on Crew3, a platform that measures community contribution in a number of innovative ways. This helps HUMAN Protocol to get to know the community members who are doing the most to support the project, and to give them rewards! This opportunity is available to new and existing community members alike.

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