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Proof of HUMANity

Bringing bot protection on-chain

The first bot
blocker for
Proof of HUMANity is a system that brings bot-blocking applications on-chain. Applications could be CAPTCHAs, other human-verification tests.

For DApps

PoH brings proven Web2 bot blockers on-chain to ensure DApps have the same protections as off-chain solutions. Now, you can radically improve application security, and protect user privacy.

For Blockchains

DApp interactions initiate a verification, which produces a transaction. Deployed at scale across multiple DApps, PoH significantly increases on-chain transaction volume.

Verify user humanity through CAPTCHAs, and build detailed datasets in the process.

Get more fromDApp users, and give more in return.

How it works


Upon accessing a PoH-integrated application – or initiating a transaction – users encounter a bot-blocking application.


Successful completion of the test produces an authorization.


HUMAN Protocol verifies the transaction on-chain with the user’s identity.

Developer Resources

Decentralized applications made fairer. More secure. More HUMAN.
A solution to decentralized governance

Proof of HUMANity could be adapted to guarantee that each vote is made by a single verified human. One vote; one individual. Fair governance.

Protects against frontrunning

By ensuring transactions are initiated by a verified human, Proof of HUMANity provides a lasting solution to front running on DeFi applications and NFT time-based auctions. This is critical to preserving network security and integrity.