HUMAN Roadmap

HUMAN is on a journey. Our mission is to place all work on-chain, creating a new future of work in which workers have access to global opportunities, and projects have access to global workers. But that cannot be achieved overnight. It involves a series of big and small steps.

Here, you can see where we’ve been, and where we’re headed. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all that HUMAN is working on.
Q3 2021
Product launch:
Proof of HUMANity
The first bot blocker for decentralized ecosystems.
Q3/Q2  2021
HMT Coinlist Token Sale
Q3 2021
Ethereum Mainnet Launch
Q4 2021
HMT listed on top exchanges
Q3/Q4 2021
Community accelerator and support programs
Q4 2021
Product launch
Q4 2021
Polygon Mainnet Launch
Q1 2022
First job exchange launched
hCaptcha tasks live on HUMAN App
We are here
Q2 2022
Sidechain launch:
Q2 2022
HUMAN network EVM public chain launch
New contracts to be launched through AVAX-c, Neon Labs, and Project Aurora
Q2 2022
Proof of HUMANity hackathon HUMAN Protocol Apps hackathon
Q3 2022
HUMAN network EVM private chain launch
Develop a private version of the HUMAN network on AVAX-c private and
Q3 2022
Job requester dashboard
Interface  for direct launching of jobs to the Protocol