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HUMAN Technology

An open-source infrastructure to supercharge new job markets

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Thousands of jobs launched

A job is a request for work – represented as a block of tasks to be done – published by the Requester. There are many standard job types represented within HUMAN Protocol. Alternatively, the Requester can select a custom job type.

Jobs are broken down into their composite tasks, each of which can be independently completed by a worker. An example of a job type may be to scan a page. An example of a task within that job type may be to type in the displayed letters or numbers, or affirm their correctness.

100.000+ tasks per job supported

A single job can be made up of millions of tasks. An organization may want to develop a dataset targeted at a specific topic, achieved through the completion of thousands or millions of tasks by a distributed workforce.

In a HUMAN-Protocol-powered application, an individual task may represent any point of human-to-machine interaction.

Billions of tasks served

A task is any labor performed by a user – a worker – in which value is produced. Each task represents an individual work interaction: the labeling of data, the identification of correct information, the solving of a puzzle.

200+ Countries

For many types of jobs – such as the labeling of data – the result is improved through the diversity of the workforce completing it. Global diversity in human-to-machine interactions is critical to empowering a new generation of AI and ML technologies.

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HUMAN Protocol supports the creation of permissionless job markets by supplying humans and machines with work, and organizations with access to workforces.



Smart Bounty

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Job Exchanges

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Recording Oracle

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Reputation Oracle

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The HUMAN JobFlow

The JobFlow functions as a decentralized switchboard connecting different parts of a job’s lifecycle to the correct paths and elements. HUMAN Protocol is designed to ensure that jobs get connected to the appropriate API, Validator, Job Exchange, oracle, and blockchain, and to optimize their execution.
HUMAN architecture diagram
Requesters -- those wishing to have work completed -- choose a template or customized job type, and create a job specification. Jobs are intelligently split into hundreds or thousands of tasks that are distributed to supporting Job Exchanges. These tasks are then assigned to an appropriate human or machine Worker based on the job’s requirements.

A job could be split into thousands of tasks, and distributed by supporting Job Exchanges to relevant Workers. If the Requester requires a dataset created by Workers from a particular ethnic, cultural, or professional background, that can be defined in the job.

Workers’ answers enter the Protocol on a rolling basis. The Recording Oracle performs an initial
evaluation of work and aggregates it into chunks. These are sent to the Reputation Oracle, which completes the final assessment of answer quality, assigns a reputation score to the Worker, executes payouts, and computes the final result for the Requester.

Supporting global job markets

HUMAN Protocol is supported by multiple blockchains. The Protocol batches tasks into fewer transactions, to ensure the scalability of the job markets it supports.
Transactions are intelligently assigned to the most optimal blockchain, based on an evaluation of network speed and fees, as well as other factors.

Real-HUMAN Connections

Globally mapped connections – direct and secure – bring workers closer to the rewards of their work, organizations to workforces, and machines to understanding.

Every transfer is a handshake, signifying work requested, work completed, and transactions made. A single job can contain thousands or millions of tasks, completed by workers distributed across the globe.

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Developer Solutions

Proof of HUMANity

Proof of HUMANity allows websites and decentralized applications to protect against bots: to verify the humanity of their users, and create detailed datasets in the process.


HUMAN API allows developers to access the core elements of the Protocol, including smart bounties and supporting services. The HUMAN API plays a key role in enabling the Protocol’s operation across multiple blockchains, and connecting associated systems.
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The HUMAN App is the gateway into the HUMAN experience: it allows Workers to directly access tasks, and be rewarded for their completion. More features will be added over time.
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