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HUMAN community newsletter #7

HUMAN Protocol
Feb 18, 2022

HUMAN community newsletter #7

2 min read


Things have been busy the past month. From new articles simplifying the unique benefits and applications of HUMAN Protocol – five in total, see our blog – to interviews with major crypto publications, our goal has been to create awareness and attract new community interest in the Protocol, the ecosystem, and our programs. 

As part of this, we’ve also released a new demonstration of HUMAN Protocol inspired by the UNIX Fortune app (read more). This illustrates the Protocol processing simple tasks, which we hope will serve as an educative starting point for developers as they begin to envisage how to integrate with or build on top of the Protocol. 

We’ve also released a new Liquidity Mining Campaign in collaboration with Hummingbot (the first such campaign, with more to come), continued to nurture new and existing partnerships through attendance at conferences and other engagements, and are nearing the release of new tasks on the HUMAN App (along with some exciting UI and UX improvements).

HUMAN in the Media 

This month, HUMAN Protocol’s Technical Director, Harjyot Singh, was interviewed by Hackernoon and Crowdfundinsider


The HUMAN team developed an example application, Fortune, inspired by the old UNIX app of that name. You can read more about it in our blog: Demonstration of HUMAN Protocol inspired by Fortune. This demonstration illustrates how the Protocol processes simple tasks, using the recording and reputation oracles, to help others build on top and achieve the same in their projects. Anyone can inspect the repository and implement each component. Or, even, to implement their own version of the Protocol.

We’re also busy preparing to add new tasks to the HUMAN App in March. Stay tuned to our official channels for an announcement in the near future. 

With this upcoming update, we’re also working on improving the UI and UX of the HUMAN App. Community support and feedback are big parts of this. We’re happy to hear your suggestions, and you can help us address bugs and solve issues through our BugBounty program


This week, we’ve been at ETHDenver. This has been a great opportunity to catch up with our community partners, as well as begin new relationships. There’s a lot of excitement for HUMAN Protocol, and interest in what HUMAN’s solutions can bring to the space. 

HUMAN Protocol was heavily featured in Pyth’s whitepaper, discussing the HUMAN IMOO oracle’s seminal role in collecting off-chain information. Learn about IMOO on our website. 

Content and Conversations

Since our last newsletter, we have released a new article in our series “Who is HUMAN for?”, focusing on how HUMAN can benefit Layer-1s. To help projects understand the benefits of HUMAN, we have also written a piece on “Four ways HUMAN Protocol helps projects get work done”.

On the subject of AI, we have written a comparative article about HUMAN Protocol and Scale, following on from a similar piece on MTurk. This Scale piece, however, focuses on HUMAN as a solution that can accommodate and integrate existing labeling platforms, as well as replace them. Finally, we analyze “Five ways HUMAN Protocol can improve AI”.

For the launch of a new Fortune-inspired demonstration of HUMAN Protocol, we released this blog post on the subject. Read more to find out about how requests for work can be put into action.


We recently launched our Liquidity Mining Campaign in collaboration with Hummingbot. The campaign will be live for 12 weeks. You can learn more about it on the campaign page

We also have two new campaigns coming in the near future: one with Mixin and another with LAToken.


We have successfully closed a few issues on Gitcoin, including releasing a demo for Proof of HUMANity on Polygon. We are also improving our approach to the DevBounty and will start releasing more Gitcoin tasks by early March. 

In the near future, we’ll be making some announcements regarding our ambassador program, and launching our first content contest. We are very much looking forward to receiving the community’s contribution to the challenges we present them. 


Last month, we transitioned our official community channels to Discord. The Telegram channel remains, but has become an unofficial channel moderated by the community. We’ve made this decision in the interest of nurturing positive community growth and engagement. Discord better allows us to collate feedback, establish meaningful dialogues, and address specific problems (including bug fixes, etc.) 

Prominent social media influencers continue to show interest in working with HUMAN. So far this year, we’ve partnered with eight new Twitter influencers and 11 new YouTube influencers, added two community moderators to the official Discord channel, launched a new emissary campaign, and activated communities in Russia, Africa, and China


If you wish to enquire about integrations, usage, or to learn more about HUMAN Protocol, get in contact with the HUMAN team.

To stay up to date with the latest from HUMAN, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord.

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