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Newconomics 2023 - Meet our Speakers: Sara Hall

HUMAN Protocol
Oct 9, 2023

Newconomics 2023 - Meet our Speakers: Sara Hall

2 min read

Have you booked your place at Newconomics yet? We’ve gathered an amazing group of speakers and panellists for the event who will be discussing future global economics and web3 technologies. One of our guests is Sara Hall, partner at the law firm Walkers who specialises in the law and regulation applicable to digital assets. She shared her thoughts on the future of technology with us. 

In Conversation with Sara Hall: The Legal Frameworks of Web3 Technologies

“To me, web3 is a way of empowering people, to give them more choice and control online. This means there are infinite opportunities across all aspects of life. From new ways to collaborate at work, finding like-minded people and creating communities and of course having fun with others. 

I hope that barriers to adoption will soon become a thing of the past. At the moment though, there needs to be a change so that the experience of using web3 tech is pleasurable and worth the effort that people put in. If this changes we could finally reach the critical mass that is required for so many more projects to take off and for more people to benefit. 

The future of work is interesting to me because the flexibility of working from anywhere and with anyone is exciting. So many tasks could also be done faster and with more accuracy with tech solutions too. While I write this response, I am thinking about how one day I might just be considering my thoughts about the future of work and it would be written up for me automatically. 

There are a few issues around work and employment I would like to see helped toward solutions by technology including diversity, equality and inclusion. There’s a possibility that AI could help to identify and regulate non-inclusive behaviours which would make things much easier for businesses and organisations to realise and create positive change.

Find out more about the new economics of Web3 and how it can change the way we work together at the Newconomics event in Lisbon. Full details and registration can be found on the website.

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